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Change the Look of the Search Page

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Posted 19 July 2019 - 09:42 AM

To Disable the Horizontal Scroll specifically on the Emby Search Page

/*Remove Horizontal Scroll from Search Page*/
#searchPage div.scrollSlider {
 flex-wrap: wrap;
 padding-right: 2.5%;
 padding-left: 2.5%; }
#searchPage .scrollbuttoncontainer-right {display: none; }

To Order the returned results on the Search Page

/* Change Search Page Section Order */
#searchPage .searchResults {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
div.verticalSection.peopleResults {order:0;}
div.verticalSection.movieResults {order:3;}
div.verticalSection.seriesResults {order:1;}
div.verticalSection.episodeResults {order:2;}

div.verticalSection.videoResults {order:4;}
div.verticalSection.musicVideoResults {order:5;}
div.verticalSection.playlistResults {order:6;}
div.verticalSection.artistResults {order:7;}
div.verticalSection.albumResults {order:8;}
div.verticalSection.songResults {order:9;}
div.verticalSection.sportsResults {order:10;}
div.verticalSection.kidsResults {order:11;}
div.verticalSection.newsResults {order:12;}
div.verticalSection.programResults {order:13;}
div.verticalSection.channelResults {order:14;}
div.verticalSection.photoAlbumResults {order:15;}
div.verticalSection.photoResults {order:16;}
div.verticalSection.gameResults {order:17;}
div.verticalSection.bookResults {order:18;}

Change the numbers of the order so you have the order you want - make sure you dont duplicate numbers!!!!!


To get this look (no horiz scroll)



You need to remove the horizontal scroll and set the flex-direction as column in the above css


To get this look ( results as columns)



You need to remove the horizontal scroll and set the flex-direction as row in the above css - depending on the number of types of search result returns the page auto sizes the columns


To Get this look (ordered but still with horiz scroll)



You need only apply the Change Search page css but the flex-direction must be column as row will not work (or more accurately you get everything on one row!)



Note: this was done with the beta server .31/.32 so may not work on stable or older betas

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