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 Hi All!


We are a cinema museum in Canada.


We have a Mediaroom where researchers can screen our collection of films using Emby.  we hace an account for visitors wher the librairian gives the access codes.


We would like to integrate the videos on our in Emby server to our website, for the broadcast of movies  that we have the rights for web broadcast. 


This will prevent the duplication of movies for web broadcast on a separate server, but rather have Emby to broadcast at a lower resolution the videos we have in our Mediaroom for our web sites.


We have a museum database software that contains all the information regarding the films and all the elements linked to this film. (written scenarios in PDF, photos,  audio files, etc...) .  


This software has a lot more metadata for research than Emby.  Also it contain informetion to both film in stock and not.


The Research on our website will be conducted through this software and upon the user's decision,  It   will dictate to Emby to play this perticular movie the user want to see if is is in our server.


Emby is a very good software for the individual broadcast, but not for intensive research on the internet.


Our expectations are to have the museum database software to offer the elements and metadata that Emby does not control very well yet. (scenarios in PDF or electronic book) and be completed by Emby to broadcast the audio files, pictures and on our websites.


Is such a thing possible?  What would be the best way to acheive it?

can we prevent the login and password?


Thanks a lot for your help.



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Hi, Emby is designed to be a personal media server. We don't really have PDF features at this time, but you never know in the future. Thanks.

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