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PlayTo Samsung UNEH5300 - "...file not supported."


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Greeting Community (not the show ;) ) -


I've been enjoying the "PlayTo" feature immensely - but recently, more and more of my content is giving me the message "the file you selected is not currently supported" when i try to play it.  Likewise, if i browse the same file, using the DLNA feature, I get the same error.  These are TV shows/Movies that have worked in the past, using PlayTo and DLNA, but are now not working. 


I'm running Version 3.0.5238.39498

samsung UNEH5300


I've had Serviio as a backup DLNA provider, and if I browse the same content, it plays w/out a problem. 







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got a beta update yesterday (3.0.5267.16902) and the original issue i reported has returned (all was working w/ the prior 3.0.5267 release)...

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