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Music Tagging & Multiple Artists


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Posted 15 July 2019 - 04:28 AM

Hi All,


I am after a little bit of advice on how best to tag my music library particularly with regard to multiple artists. 


As background the music library is organised as Music\AlbumArtist\Album\songs … This works well and in conjunction with tagging the files using typically picard with sanity checks provided by mp3tag I've got all areas of the music library presented well and as I want. I've ensured that the albumartist tags are unique so if there is a joint credit - I've only tagged and organised by main album artist. I was leaving the joint credits to the artist tag and this is where I am running into difficulty.


I cannot seem to get consistent behaviour... and I am getting double entries and also some missing entries with the way it is tagged. 


I obvious have something wrong can anyone suggest the best way from picard to tag multiple artists. 


Thanks in advance 

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Posted 15 July 2019 - 12:02 PM

@ginjaninja how do  you tag your files?

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Posted 15 July 2019 - 03:05 PM

you may need to confirm the version of emby you are using as i think something changed recently where picard mbzid tags now take highest priority.


take this with a pinch of salt, but my understanding of priority for artist extraction from tags in emby 4.2 is




i use picard...

however i run a post filter on the output of picard via an mp3tag script to convert all linking words to emby's '/' separator eg vs. feat. featuring. with. (this is no longer necessary in 4.2 as mbzid tags take priority)

my tracks for multiple artists in mp3tag look like (as an example) ..


Artist=Katalyst;Stephanie McKay

Artists=Katalyst/Stephanie McKay



you may need to expand on 'double entries' and  ' missing entries' i am not 100% following..


FWIW emby DOES support multiple album artists




ALBUMARTIST=Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

ALBUMARTISTS=Robert Plant/Alison Krauss (The '/' was required prior to 4.2 as the mbzid was not read/given highest priority - if you wanted Emby to detect Multiple Album Artists as they register  on Musicbrainz)



FWIW i use the following picard script to write out albumartists tag, but i dont think thats overly significant to your issue.

hope this helps..
i can clarify further if thats as clear as mud..

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Posted 18 July 2019 - 02:19 PM

Apologies for the delay in reply - I've been out all week... 


Thanks for the information. I will check on the metadata as I am not sure how the different artists are split at the moment. I will check things out a bit before I detail and specific issues as I am sure a lot are connected with dodgy entries in the Artis or Musicbrainz_artistid fields.


I am on for reference so Musicbrainz tags should take preference if I understand correctly


Thanks again - will probably be back....

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Posted 18 July 2019 - 03:07 PM

ok done an initial check on one example … David Guetta - MusicBrainzID- 302bd7b9-d012-4360-897a-93b00c855680. 


I have two of his Albums and they appear fine under his id not problem. Issue is then with some Various Artist albums on which he appears with other artists. In this case he has 3 tracks one on each of Now 81, Now 83 and Now 85 all of which are tagged fully however I am seeing some inconsistencies in how these show in artists.


Now 81 & Now 85 are listed under his artist section in the appears on - as expected. There is however another David Guetta artist which only shows the Now 83 track and there is also a further David Guetta that has no entries under it for either his albums or tracks. I cannot see any difference in the Now 83 track tagging to the other Now tracks …


Now 81 - Titanium

  • Artist - David Guetta feat.Sia
  • Artists - David Guetta; Sia
  • MusicBrainz Artist ID - 302bd7b9-d012-4360-897a-93b00c855680; 2f548675-008d-4332-876c-108b0c7ab9c5

Now 83 - She Wolf

  • Artist - David Guetta feat. Sia
  • Artists - David Guetta; Sia
  • MusicBrainz Artist ID - 302bd7b9-d012-4360-897a-93b00c855680; 2f548675-008d-4332-876c-108b0c7ab9c5

Now 85 - Play Hard

  • Artist - David Guetta feat. Ne-Yo & Akon
  • Artists - David Guetta; Ne-Yo; Akon
  • MusicBrainz Artist ID - 302bd7b9-d012-4360-897a-93b00c855680; a4a01f5d-18e7-4571-8c3a-76ec0e24e2d7; 1138a764-2212-4d0a-b02d-0dc14df91e08

The confusing thing is that when I view the Artist for Sia - there is only one I see her own two albums and correctly see appears on entries for Now 81 and Now 83 along with the David Guetta albums which she also appears on.


Something is obviously wrong with the Now 83 tagging but I cannot track it down and I cannot identify the cause of the additional Artist David Guetta

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Posted 19 July 2019 - 12:34 AM

something may be wrong with tagging, but its also possible emby is not robust at ingesting and displaying music library content. (i believe there is at least one reproducible issue which i have reported)

what i would do next is check the metadata in the emby database (edit metadata command) against the david guetta [album]artist objects and tracks, see if you can see something 'interesting'. (that might account for three separate artist objects)

maybe the string is different (space/special character?), maybe the mbzid is different/maybe blank, maybe one of the other ids are different.

you probably will then need to do some checks on a blank database blank media library. then gradually add albums , scanning one at a time, and check the [album]artist objects that get created. you may find that on a fresh library build the issue is not reproducible - pointing to a database corruption issue perhaps.

it may not tell you anything new, but you would then have a small base (with reproducible issue) that you can send to luke for analysis. i use db power amp to convert tracks down to a crap mono bitrate so the files are tiny but still have all their tags for easier upload in a small zip.
feel free to send to me too.

its worth the effort imo. 100% correct library ingestion and display is no1 critical foundation of a media library imo. i think luke needs examples to show beyond doubt if there is a robustness issue.

fwiw the issue i reported is i believe something caused by two separate id3 [album]artists tags being detected with same mbz id, so probably not related to this.

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