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Convert to different folder.


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I apologised if this has been covered. I searched and found info on sync but not really what I am looking for.


When converting a video I,

Right click vid

Click on convert

Then under "convert to" I am left with two options.  Original media folder next to original files.  OR Original media folder replacing original files.  I'd love a convert to folder xyz option.


The main reason I use conversion at all is to convert vids to be played from my WD My Passport Wireless Pro.  But not ALL movies.  Mostly kid friendly movies for streaming on car rides to multiple devices.


I'd love it if I could convert directly to the Passport so the convered videos go directly there.  Or if I could convert to a completely separate folder on the PC for example (vids to be sent to WD Passport) that I could just cut and paste to the passport.  Currently I make a list of all the movies I have converted and then check them off the list as I go through folders finding the converted ones.


If I missed something completely or am making this WAY to hard please school me or point me in the right direction.


Thanks guys!




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Hi, yes you can do this by installing the folder sync plugin and then using the sync menu instead of convert. I realize this is not obvious, but it will do the job and we'll make it easier in the future. please let us know if this helps. thanks.

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