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God, I hope so. Here is what I got so far. 


for filters all of the drop-downs are set to "All" and no checkboxes are enabled. 


In metadata, I have no tags on this films (Or any for that matter)



In my account settings, I have all libraries



In parental controls, I have no options checked. 



Am I missing any other setting?


Also I just figured out how to add screenshots that are not obnoxiously big.


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So I don't know why I didn't think about this before. I removed the movie from my library and scanned to make sure it was gone and I added it back to the movie folder and scanned again. The movie now shows. Interestingly, it kept its watch status. Not sure how but it is back. I'll review all of my movies and follow the same process with others that vanished. Thanks for all the help.

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The other two things it could have been is that it could have had a customized sort title and therefore was not appearing in list in the place you were expecting. Or if you've enabled grouping items into collections and it's part of a collection, then you'd see the collection instead.

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