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Separating TV & Movies - Adult & Kids (follow up)


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Old MediaBrowser with WMC user before i switched to Kodi

I always used a shared Mysql for managing my library's till someone suggested me to use Emby.
i'm trying to manage to separate my kids movies with my own movies.

i was following the tips from the following topic



but it seems that it takes a long time to load the kids nodes and that every time i'm accessing the kids nodes.
the normal movie entry created by Emby works instant.


Then i thought i might use the so called automatic created playlist that Emby makes.
but i don't see any automatic created playlist when i want to add something.

Also when i'm in Kodi and in the Emby settings where you can manage your library it only shows Movies and TV Shows and not the Kids Library

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Is the library synced? Syncing libraries is optional.


Launch emby for kodi > check the library > make sure it doesn't say dynamic. If it doesn't that means your shortcut should be recreated, it is probably pointing to the dynamic version of the library.


The shortcuts on your homescreen depends on the skin you are using and the shortcuts you've created. I recommend using the skin Embuary. It's the easiest way to get there, it sets up your Emby shorcuts for you.




Let me know if this helps or not.

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Correct that was the issue,

It was also weird when I wanted to add the newly created kids library it didn't show up to add.

After I disabled and enabled it on the server side.

It showed up.

And I could add it.

Only the kids library also showed up in my main library so I might need to add my main movie library to my used skin(mq8) as a node.

Only noticed it doesn't show the total and unseen

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The library not showing up to add until you restart Kodi has been resolved for the next version.


Can you provide a screenshot, I’m not 100% sure for that one. I don’t have this issue on my side. If you change skin, does it still happen?

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This is the unedited movie entry that holds the main movies and what also added the kids movies




So i created a new entry using emby nodes,

and added the kids movie node.




I found a way to solve it,

i shouldn't add it as video node but as video playlist then it packs up the total and unwatched.

Not sure if that's the way how it should be done but i did work

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