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Live TV Setup

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Good Day Luke...I can confirm that update did not contain the corrupted code. Thnaks for the quick fix. Cheers...

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Good Day...Here is an update regarding the incorrect channel mapping and auto mapping from Emby. Although I did find a temporary fix that allowed me to disconnect either the incorrect auto mapping or user defined incorrect channel map (as described earlier in this thread), I kept think there must be a better way. So looking at MB Guide Data USA-DITV, I noticed that the channel array started from 001 to 888 then jumped to 2010 to 2195. Then there was a major jump to channel 9560. So channels from 3000 to 9500 were not indicated nor explicit. The GBR-1000450 guide starter their channel lineup from 101 to 976. This meant that channels 3000 to 9500 were also clear to use and would not match to either of my data guide providers.


So I setup my channel sequence starting with tvg-chno="3001" until I had all my channels numbered. Then adding in both guide data providers nothing got auto mapped!!! yay! Proceeded to map the channels as needed and then check the EPG. It was correct so using notepad++ I eliminated the 300 and 30 prefixes in bulk using find/replace feature. 500 channels took all of 25 minutes and channels are mapped correctly. Cheers...

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Good Day Luke...Your welcome. There is always a way around to get things working. Although this is not a fix, it definetly cured my issue. Cheers

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On 5/11/2021 at 11:19 AM, Luke said:

 Improved channel management coming in Emby Server 4.6:



Really looking forward to 4.6 dropping soon!!!!

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Just install it.  You can go from any release to a future release; but you shouldn't in general go the other way, as changes in the database will not be understood by older versions, and so things break.


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