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Emby for Kodi not working anymore after latest beta update (4.0.21a)

Guest zecakeh

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Guest zecakeh

Hi all,


It seems like the Kodi addon doesn't want to do anything anymore.


First of all, my setup is :



OS : Arch Linux

Kodi version 18.2 (locally built from source for Wayland)

Emby for Kodi version 4.0.21a



Asustor NAS with ADM

Emby Server version installed from the official store


When I launched Kodi today I got an Error Notification for the Emby addon. I guess it was during the update, since in the kodi logs it showed just as :

RuntimeError: Unknown addon id 'plugin.video.emby'

After that, it wouldn't launch any movie or tvshow, there wasn't even a BusyDialog like usual. I then opened the addon and nothing happened when I clicked on Movies or TV Shows. Nothing happened either in "Manage libraries" when I clicked on add, refresh, repair or remove.

The thing that seems to work is "Add a server".


So then I tried to reboot Kodi, then to remove and reinstall the addons, nothing changed, and the addon doesn't show the Emby Welcome Notification at startup. As a last resort I tried to clear the local database from the addon configuration, remove all Emby settings and reinstall.

The process to add a server then launches as usual and I manage to re-add my server and connect to it. However, the Welcome Notification still doesn't show and I can't add libraries anymore nor explore them "dynamically".


In the server logs, the connexion from the Kodi addon appears everytime.


You'll find my latest Kodi log attached.


For the info, I also use Kodi on Android TV on my Nvidia Shield. It's on the beta channel but right now it's on par with the stable releases (so 18.2). I had the same Emby Error Notification at startup, and the videos wouldn't play. However I quit Kodi and opened it again and it seems to work fine now.

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Can you update to 4.0.22. There was an error in 4.0.21 that prevented the service from starting after signing in to your server. I thought I was pretty quick to replace it, but apparently not quick enough.



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Guest zecakeh

Yep that fixes it. Thanks!


I didn't realize my Nividia Shield didn't update to the same version of the addon. That's why it worked…


Keep up the great work!

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