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Live TV stopped working after hw upgrade

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Hi all,


Everything was working really well before I did a CPU and motherboard upgrade this week. Running Windows 10 64bit with all latest updates and latest drivers installed. Emby Live TV in Chrome and Emby theater (desktop version) (server and client all running on same PC) using my Hauppauge QuadTV card worked very well. Using the ServerWMC Emby plugin, everything just WORKED LOVELY.


Upgraded CPU and motherboard, same OS,just different motherboard chipset and Intel on-board graphic driver now.


Now everything seems to be configured as per before, in Emby the channels show up, but no listings, and if I try and play a live TV channel, it just spins around and around, no errors given.


I tried the Hauppage WinTV application and it plays TV channels ok, so not a hardware issue it seems.


Steps i've taken to try and fix it:

  • uninstalled serverWMC emby plugin
  • removed hauppage tuners from emby
  • uninstalled serverwmc
  • re-scanned all channels in WMC, it found all 48 channels again, all channels and guide data is showing in WMC, I cannot play channels though, just a black screen, no error. However, when Emby live TV was working before, im sure WMC couldn't play TV channels anyway.
  • reinstalled server wmc (latest stable version)
  • added the Hauppage tuners back in Emby
  • added the latest serverWMC Emby plugin
  • Through all of this, no errors are presented

Status from ServerWMC is attached. Note it does show the recordings are transferred to Emby (and these show in Emby), but none of the channels, this is not how it was before when working, it had all the channels shown transferred to Emby client. I've attached the serverWMC log.


I have also attached the Emby server log and Emby hardware detection log to help troubleshoot.


Thanks for your support Emby team, really want to get live TV working again.





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Hi, looks like you're using our built-in hauppauge support.


Have you confirmed with the Hauppauge WinTV application that the tuners are functional? Did you use the WinTV application to do a channel scan after the hardware change?

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Yes I'm using the emby built in Hauppage support.


Hauppauge WinTV application tuners are functional.


Didn't need to do a channel scan in Hauppage WinTV, it just works.


The issue is something between serverVMC and Emby I'm thinking as per my screenshot and maybe logs.

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Hi Luke,


I've taken further steps to fix this tonight, but no luck.


I've reinstalled the latest Hauppage QuadHD Windows 10 drivers

I redid the 'setup live TV' in WMC, it detected all channels, and now it can successfully play all channels in WMC.

I've reinstalled Emby server but left all tickboxes un-checked so it kept all my configuration e.t.c

removed and added back in the Hauppage tuners (Hauppage QuadTV shows as 2 double tuners making 4 total) to Emby, reinstalled the latest ServerWMC Emby plugin

I've tried the ServerWMC version 'Preview' version instead of the latest 'stable' version.

I've reinstalled Emby theater.


I still have the same results, live TV will not work in Emby in Chrome or in Emby theater. In Emby in Chrome all the channels show but no guide data and channels dont play. In Emby theater, only 5 channels show and no guide data and no channels play.


Status from ServerWMC is still the same, Emby is just not pulling the channels and EPG (guide) data from ServerWMC:

WMC database : 'Opened'            Channels found: 48            Tuners found: 4

Clients online: Emby^MEDIACENTER

Totals of items transferred to clients:
    Channels: 0        EPG Entries:  0        Timers: 2        Recordings: 7

Active Recordings: 


   Hauppauge WinTV 885 DVBT Tuner/Demod #1, Space: DVB-T, Channel_Count: 48, Status: Available, Clients: 
   Hauppauge WinTV 885 DVBT Tuner/Demod #2, Space: DVB-T, Channel_Count: 48, Status: Available, Clients: 
   Hauppauge WinTV 885 DVBT Tuner/Demod 2 #1, Space: DVB-T, Channel_Count: 48, Status: Available, Clients: 
   Hauppauge WinTV 885 DVBT Tuner/Demod 2 #2, Space: DVB-T, Channel_Count: 48, Status: Available, Clients: 

Waiting for client request...


Im really running out of ideas here?!?

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For our built in support you need to follow what I said about wintv. There is no relation to wmc.

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Hi Luke,

Just wanted to give an update I did a full channel scan in hauppauge wintv and then it was also a full EPG scan button which I did. Live TV seems to be working again ib embt thanks.


I still have a small problem I had before and have always had though. unable to rewind live TV more than around 20 seconds worth it just freezes. I have to stop the channel and play the channel again from the current time so basically I can't rewind live TV buffer more than 20 seconds its always been like this with emby. Media Centre doesn't have that issue. The live TV buffer drive has lots of space.


Not a major issue but if you have any ideas off the top of your head would love to know?

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Hi Luke,


Same in both Emby theater (desktop app) and emby in Chrome. all on the same Win10 PC Emby server is running on.

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