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Mullvad VPN remote access


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I've been trying to get Mullvad working with Emby but so far no luck.


I have a port forwarded through Mullvad (eg 12345), which I have checked is definitely open when connected to the VPN.


So in Emby settings I have changed the public port to "12345". Also Emby doesn't seem to automatically pick up the new VPN IP address, so in the 'External Domain' setting I have put the new IP.


So far this hasn't worked for remote access (in home streaming works fine). Is there anything else I need to change? I've also tried forwarding the VPN port on my router but still nothing.



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Guest asrequested

Can you tell us each step you've done? With the VPN turned off, do you have access? Do you have automatic port mapping turned off in the server?

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. 


I have managed to get it working after redoing everything, not sure what was wrong before.


My only issue now is Emby not picking up the new IP address automatically, I have to enter it myself. Is this normal behaviour?

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Ok I've switched from using Mullvad's client to OpenVPN and now Emby seems to be picking up the new IP automatically, so all's good here.


Sorry to have made a post for nothing!

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