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Access kodi from Emby UI.


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I've been using kodi and nextpvr for awhile now but I'm liking emby UI and how it's manages the libraries and it's streaming engine. The fact now it has dvr capabilities would allow me to replace nextpvr. The only issue is I use a lot of addons in kodi and there's not the same in emby, instead of porting a bunch of plugins for emby would it be possible to port in the kodi addon framework into emby natively; this way we could just put in the kodi repo/s and install the plugin via the emby server dashboard. Can the emby core be expanded by a plugin that would allow this or would it have to be ported into the core? This would be awesome so we'd not have to install kodi just to use the addon framework. If this isn't possible can a plugin be made that would allow us to access the kodi plugins from an installed kodi server from the emby UI. I know there's a plugin that allows us to access emby from kodi but I'd much rather use the emby UI for everything instead of switching UI/s all the time. Emby theater is really nice and I'd like to control my media center in whole from one single UI. 

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