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Streaming stops

Sky Smyth
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Sky Smyth

I’m new to emby (trying to switch from Plex). So my problem may be something silly but I can’t figure it out.

While streaming via the Apple TV app the playback will stop because my computer (iMac) hosting the server has gone to sleep. (If I tell my computer to never sleep everything works fine.)

Or, if my computer is sleeping to start with, the emby app will not wake it up (it tries to find the server but I just get the spinning wheel and it never connects). If I switch to the Plex app it will wake up my computer and then I can switch back to emby and it will see the server and play things fine until the computer goes to sleep again.

I’ve restarted the server, deleted and reinstalled the app on the Apple TV, but I still get the same behavior.

I’ve attached a log. In this case the video started streaming around 11:03 and stopped streaming at around 11:08 (computer went to sleep).


Server   macOS 10.14.4  tvOS 12.2.1


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The Emby Apple TV app does not currently support Wake on LAN behavior but we hope to add it in the future.

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Hi, Emby Server on MacOS currently does not take any measures to keep the server machine awake. This is something we'll need to add. In the meantime, you'll need to handle this in MacOS system settings. Please let us know if this helps. Thanks.

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