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ANSWERED [Shield TV] UnauthorizedAccessException during metadata creation although full access is given

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When I try to refresh any metadata I always get an UnauthorizedAccessException error in the log and the files aren't created.


Emby server Version is installed on NVIDIA Shield TV.

Library is on a Synology NAS DS213j , mounted on the Shield through SMB.

It shouldn't be a NAS permission issue as Plex manages to create/delete .srt files in the same folders (same mounted drive, same user). To make sure of that I granted full access and ownership on a test folder and the issue still occurs.

I'm quite puzzled as to why I would have a permission issue with Emby and not Plex 


Log attached.


Any idea what might go wrong?


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Hi there, it's resolved in the upcoming 4.1 release of the server, thanks.

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