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HDR colors washed out in ATV player only


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I've been having this issue for a few weeks. On my Apple TV 4K, colors in HDR playback with the AppleTV client have been crushed in any color gradient. I'm attaching a picture I just snapped that shows the effect; it's very visible and visible everywhere.


I've tried playback using the same Apple TV box and a different client -- specifically tried both MrMC and Infuse -- and had no issue. With the Emby client the server is Direct Streaming, with both MrMC and Infuse it does Direct Play. I only mention that because I wonder if that's related to the strange color effect I'm seeing. 


I'm posting both the picture of the crushed gradient effect I'm seeing as well as the log for that specific playback section. 



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They don't have HDR support, color space or refresh rate switching, or the Live TV guide. They're working on it, but it's very slow.

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