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FR - Auto Organize - Identify Series


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Request that an additional function be built into the Auto Organize feature of the server so that when a tv series is not recognized you can specify a new series to be added (at the moment you can just search current series in the library)


USE CASE would be:

File added to 'watch directory'

Show not recognized

****do nothing automatically just notify****

User logs into server and checks the auto-organise logs

User identifies the series using a tvdb search

User selects the folder where the tv series folder should be created

Series Folder gets created in format 'SeriesName (ReleaseYear)'

Season folder gets created within Series folder

File gets moved into the newly created folder


The last step could change to scan that directory for files (to add it to the library)

Then run the organise media files scheduled task again for cases where the user has multiple files for the same series not recognised. This would mean that only one 'identify' wouod be needed per series

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