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Error App: LoaderException at startup


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I migrated my server from synology to an intel nuc running ubuntu server 18.04 lts.  I installed emby server  After I did all my libraries and the scan was completed, I restore a backup. The backup was created from beta server  Everthing seems to work like it should.  However, at startup, I get a lot of "Error App: LoaderException".  See attached logs.


I just wondering why I get all those errors at startup and if there is something I can do to fix it?


Thank you


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That happened because the beta plugins are not compatible with the stable release.   You need to reinstall the plugins from the catalog.  If you still have issues you may need to delete the dll files in the plugin folder. 

Not positive on exact location on your OS.   /var/lib/emby/plugins/ from the log

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Thank you.  Like you said, I had to delete everything in the plugins folder and reinstall the plugins.  Just re-installing the plugins was not enough.  I don't have those logs anymore.

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