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Ember / Lumia 950 / No Sync?


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I bought Ember for Emby and installed it on a Lumia 950 and an Asus tablet, each with Win10, because M$ discontinued the OneDrive streaming feature for Groove Music.


Now I have the problem that the Syncronisation does not work. On both devices, I added videos and music to the sync queue. When I click Sync, it counts from 0-100% in seconds, but nothing happens. And on the server, the files are also only in the queue. Streaming movies and music works just fine, but Sync feature was the reason for me to buy Ember for Emby.


Do I need an Emby premiere for the Syncfunction?

Because the info text of Ember for Emby I understood that the sync function is there without need of Emby Premiere?


I have made the same question in the German forum but unfortunately no answer received.

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I'm on the same road. 

I tested the Ember trial app, and didn't get the Sync feature to work. It's unclear for me if the Emby premiere function is needed but I suspect the answer is yes ...

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