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Casting notification gets stuck after taking over control on the target device & app does not sync progress

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EDIT: I jumped the gun on my thread, it is syncing progress back to Android, it was just auto-selecting episode 1 inside the app instead of the next available unplayed episode (which may be a bug on its own).  I didn't notice until later that episodes 1-4 show status as Played on Android.  The notification just isn't getting updated. I can't see a way to edit my thread title.




Hi.  I'm casting from Android (Pie, stock Oneplus 6T), to a stock Nvidia Shield TV.  I have an issue where the Emby casting notification gets stuck on my phone after I take control over the playback from the target casting device. 



These are the steps I went through:

  • Started a show on Android at S02E01
  • Cast to Shield TV
  • Put phone on charger, took over control of Emby using Shield remote..
  • Watched a few episodes and went to sleep while Emby played episodes in the background.
  • In the morning, phone still showed casting controls, with a pause button as if it were still playing.. and it was still showing S02E01:



Emby on Nvidia Shield is stopped (on S02E05):





  • Emby on Android or my Shield TV are not playing, but as you can see, the casting notification is still there.  And it still has a pause button.



  • Force closing the Emby app gets rid of the casting notification
  • Minor bonus bug from the last screenshot: 4:3 thumbnails are stretched instead of pillarboxed .. not sure if this is intentional or not.
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thanks for editing the post I was stuck at the same thing. 




Dafont Showbox Adam4adam

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We're looking into improving this. Thanks for reporting.

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