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I just installed Emby on my Window 7 desktop with default settings. I'm using it to share my 23GB of music. I have 1 250 GB SSD (operating sysstem) and one 1 TB non-ssd hard drive (with the music), which I don't have a backup plan for right now. 

I've given a few of my friend the dynamic ip address (which doesn't seem to change) to use with their phone apps. I don't plan on using the server for much else. I'm worried Iv'e exposed mysyef to the internet.


Would Emby connect be safer. It requires them to make an Emby account correct?


How about a static IP address, different DNS, or NAS? Are 2 NAS disks in a NAS sufficient for periodic back up and serving?



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At a minimum I would recommend setting up https as soon as possible.  For phone apps to work you'll need a valid one, not a self signed cert.  


Duckdns is an easy way to get an actual dns name for your cert, and it also can be setup with dynamic dns so it updates whenever your home IP changes.  


After that you can consider looking into a reverse proxy like caddy or nginx.  


What's considered sufficient for backups depends entirely on how valuable the data is for you.  A 2 disk NAS setup in RAID1 protects against a single drive failure, but not against things like a lightning strike, a fire, or a cryptolocker type malware.  Anything important you can't afford to lose I would also have an offsite backup like dropbox, google drive, backblaze, amazon, etc.  

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