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Roku Tv not showing versions drop down


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I got a new TCL Roku TV and I just noticed that the Emby App does not show the drop down menu for different versions of the same title movie. In the windows app if you open a movie that has different version (Original Theatrical Cut, Directors Cut etc.) you get a drop down that lets you pick the version that you want. 



 In the Emby app on Roku TV neither vers. 3.0.134 or Beta 3.0.1398 have this drop down. 


So you can't access the different versions of the movie. 


Is there a plan to address this in the future? 


On a side note I love the new sort options in the Beta!


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Yes. Play Options are coming. We are aware they are missing. Very aware. :)


There are already two open issues on our internal tracker covering this very thing. #123 (audio/subtitles) and #173 (version).

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While the drop down isn't there yet, if you press "Play" it will give you an opportunity to select the version then.

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