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Got some weird bugs with the eBooks/Subtitles.


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Yesterday I was checking how the new server is holding up, I discovered following bugs;


1. Changing audiotrack language from default "x" to "y" is broken.

2. Menu scrolling under eBooks tab is broken/overlaps top bar.

3. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I switch to another internal

4. Subtitles (internal) wont disappear as I swith to another external sub (I get overlapping subs)





When I start a movie with internal subtitles (none burned) and change to external (.srt) I get overlapping subtitles, when I set it to "OFF" the internal sub wont appear :/

Tried changing the internal subs from Eng -> Other, that wont work either, the default sub is displayed.


When it comes to audio settings it wont change the languagetrack of the movie/series, ie:




Avaible audiotracks: English, Swedish, Norweigan, Finnish, Danish.

Default track: English (none forced)


If I select Swedish audiotrack nothing happends. (Still English speaking)


To make it more clear:


Selected audio: Swedish + Subs: Set to off/or default = Plays English Audiotracks (Direct Play)

Selected audio: Swedish + Subs: Swedish = Swedish Audiotrack + subs (transcoding)


When I get them to speak Swedish and I try remove the subtitle it will jump back to english...(Direct play)


Any ideas ?


Also discovered as I was reading the news (Books tab) when scrolling thru all my "books/magazines" its poster will overlap the top bar !


As for now Im at work and cant provide any logs or screenshots/pictures but will do as soon as I get back home!


If you have any idea whats creating these annoying problems please let me know, my kids miss their swedish talking Disney movies :)


Kind Regards / Amadeyo

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