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css add description

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Hi ! 
I would like to know if there is way in css to add a title in this part like for example "welcome"
thanks you in advance :)



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Header area does not fall within a set page, but your second option would work.

/*Add text content on Home Screen*/
#homeTab div.section0:before {
    content: 'WELCOME';
    padding-left: 4em;
    font-size: 1.3em;

Note Custom CSS only applies to the web client on LAN or WAN/DDNS connections.  Not app.emby.media or tv.emby.media.



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thanks a lot for your help ! there is absolutely no way to display this on emby for android? without going through the css for example  :)  :)


No as every app/device has there own design code.

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