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I installed the emby server 4.0.1 in the os of windows 10, but the problem is still exist.

It's too bad about this experience. Perhaps I should use plex at first. Wheter can you return my money back now?

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Can you try running a library scan? Or is your network share down?

\\\space\home\video\movie\鐖辨儏鍏瘬.Apartment.of.Love.2018.HD720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.mp4\鐖辨儏鍏瘬.Apartment.of.Love.2018.HD720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.mp4: No such file or directory

I think either your network share is down or Emby does not have permission to access it. The server log has lots of errors about being unable to reach it.

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My emby server is set in the freenas.The directory like "pool/home/movie/overlord/overlord....".

Do you have a question?

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