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Good morning, folks.


I'm having trouble with emby on my iOS devices.


Yesterday, due to problems with my internet connection, I was forced to do a factory reset on my internet gateway. Upon completing that, I reconfigured the port-forwarding (for external access), and everything seemed to be working.


My wife was streaming to the iPad and around 5PM (several hours after the reset/reconfiguration), she was unable to watch the next episode of the show she was watching. The screen was black with only the control bar at the bottom showing. We attempted to access it using her iPhone and encountered the same issue.


I attempted to reboot the iPad, then the Emby system. We began getting an error stating it was unable to connect (forgive me, I didn't note down the exact error message). The error message would display instantly after selecting a user (so clearly it was able to reach the server since we got to the user selection screen, but it didn't seem to be attempting anything after that).


I attempted to reinstall the application and was successful, however, now, when launching the Emby application, I get simply a black screen with the spinning wheel of changing colours.


When I attempt to access the site through Safari on the iPad, I get an error of "Connection Failure - We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again."


The same issue is happening on both the iPhone and the iPad.


It is working properly on multiple computers via browser in the home as well as my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. And I am able to stream to my Chromecast if I control it from Chrome on my PC.


Any suggestions? Please help.

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Update: The problem is only happening on the local network. Both iOS devices are able to access it when connected to cellular data or another Wifi network.


Android and Windows devices are able to access on both the local network and cellular data.

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Thanks, Luke.


The port-forwarding gave me a clue. I had forwarded a range, 8090-8100 to the unRAID server running Emby. I changed that to specifically 8097-8097 (the port my emby is on), and that seems to have corrected it. Not sure why though. But at least it's working.

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