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"Disc" Labels for Music and Audiobooks


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It occured to me while ripping an audiobook today that many (audio)books that have "books", or "parts", or whatever separating them have subtitles for those parts. For example, Fellowship of the Ring: Book I - Return of the Shadow.


And then it occured to me that, in lieu of playlists, I have combined my Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Harry Potter soundtrack albums together into franchise-inclusive albums instead of having, say, eight Harry Potter albums or ten Star Wars albums. But though I separated each source album in the combined one by "Disc Number", it would be better if I could label them.


So I request the ability to attach a label each "disc", for audiobook and/or music libraries.



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You mean a disc name instead of number?


I was thinking more, in addition to a number, where either the disc number field can accept text or else there is an additional text field (that can append or overwrite the displayed disc number).


If a name was inserted instead of a number into the Disc Number field, that could mess up sorting. But one could (on the album page) append a name after the number or else hide (not replace) the number in favor of a name. And that way the discs would still sort properly.


Akin to how Sort Title is used to sort but is hidden, Disc Number could sort but be hidden if a Disc Title(/Label/Name/whatever) has data present.

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I would look to the problem slightly broader - currently audiobooks are supposed to be navigated by folders, however, it would be great to extract tags: Writer, Narrator, Series, Title, Book Number, Year and make groupping by them.

As standard scenario  - you would like to listen to book series and you need need to have "series" (album) set correct and book number set right - and you get originally requested feature out of the box.


Current implementation is quite basic - if you click on Author - you can't even see all audiobooks he has written.


P.S. I'm using only m4b format, with mp3 books issue is more diffucult as you need to keep chapter name in the title tag (while in m4b books are stored in metadata stream) and book name in the album tag and there is no tag for series and book number to handle it properly.

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When I refer to Audiobooks being included in this, I'm referring to the upcoming v3.6 stable release, which has an Audiobook library type which is based on the Music library type.


As I said, my initial thought when I had the idea was for audiobooks, but then I remembered that Music could also benefit from it.

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As it is, the Disc Number field in Emby will only accept numerical values. Maybe that could be changed to accept text, if an additional Disc Title field is out of the question.

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The plan is to become fully tag driven. @@ginjaninja, is there any concept of a disc name with embedded metadata?


i dont have any experience in this area, but this is what i have found from a bit of googling.


it seems that musicbrainz does have the concept of disc "titles" in its ui






i cant find any evidence of how these disc title are used / displayed in the musicbrainz search api/search results.

but it would seem musicbrainz picard conforms to the use of tag "discsubtitle"


I have confirmed that picard writes the tag "discsubtitle" for this release.

and best of all ffprobe extracts this field.


this is an interesting analysis on the subject


suggests there are common practises emerging on how to store disk titles.


sounds like a useful improvement, and given that musicbrainz is emby music tag "bible" perhaps emby should adopt "discsubtitle" as its tag for this.

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seems it not plain sailing, this release


picard (musicbrainz?) writes tag setsubtitle not discsubtitle



some more on the general subject



although picard seems to suggest discsubtitle is the right one



might need to add a script to picard to write set out as disk subtitle so its always consistent.

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What does that mean? we don't get disc numbers from musicbrainz, only from embedded metadata.

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What does that mean? we don't get disc numbers from musicbrainz, only from embedded metadata.


just continuing the discussion because i notice picard does not always set "disksubtitle" sometimes it sets "setsubtitle" it would seem. (into the tags)


so if emby were to add the concept of disk title into its ui / db schema (as per this feature request), and emby were to add support for reading picards tags, then perhaps both disk and set subtitle tags might be considered.

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Right ok, we don't currently have a spot for that in the database but it's possible to add later.

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Conjuring this one back up because for multi disc music albums I'm having a tough time sometimes figuring out what is what.

I have multi-disc albums anywhere from 2 to 100 discs big and just the label Disc # isn't always meaningful unless I pull out the physical disc and read what the covers say.  The bigger the boxset the more important the disc title information becomes.  For my 100 disc boxset of Beethoven music I can't make out what is what without the physical cover telling me as I'm not an expert in classical music.

If you could pull the "Disc Title" id tag and append it to the Disc # label then I wouldn't have to pull out the physical cover for the CD to know what I'm playing.  Single discs don't have this information in musicbrainz so it wouldn't affect them at all.

This isn't the same thing as the Album Title.  This is the label used to name individual discs within a multi-disc boxset

This information is pulled from musicbrainz using mp3tag/picard


As seen on musicbrainz



As mentioned above this is where it probably would be a good place to put it




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Please add support for storing and displaying the title of a disc, as well as it's number. Here is a mock-up of how it might display, but I'll leave that to you.


Disc title are supported by mp3s, flacs, and other formats: https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2018/03/27/lamentable-state-disc-title-support/

I think this also means that Disc 1's number and title will need to be shown (currently it is not).

The album in my screenshots is an example of an album with disc names: https://www.discogs.com/release/77493-Various-Gatecrasher-Digital

Many Thanks

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