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How to setup HDR meta passthrough with external MadVR

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 01:50 AM

per requested. here is the simple steps for setting up external HDR metadata passthrough to your HDR TV using MadVR. 


this setup will require you to route your movie playback through MPC-HC. if you follow the pictures attached and mirror the settings in there. you should be good to go in a few mins. 

i don't know what the policy is for linking, so i won't link the programs directly. but just google for them and download. 


1. download MPC-HC. (google). i would recommend that if you're on Windows 10, use the 64bit version. 


2. download MadVR (google). make sure that you unpack/unzip the madVR download and READ THE README file.it is very important. basically you need to unzip it to a folder and leave that folder intact. After doing so, go into that folder and right click on the Install.bat and make sure you "Run as Administrator". it takes about less than a second to install it. You'll then see a command window saying install complete. 


3. open any movie using MPC-HC. this is where i would recommend you to set MPC-HC as your default player for those movie types. but it's up to you. once the movie is open pause it. go to View\Options\. on the left hand side, select Output under the Playback category. then look to the right under DirectShow Video, select the drop down box and select MadVR. then hit apply and ok. 


4. close the movie and exit MPC. 


5. open the movie again, this time you should have a MadVR icon at bottom right of your windows task bar. 


6. at the bottom right of your windows screen, you'll see MadVR icon. double click on it and mirror the image you see in this thread attachment under the Devices\Monitor\HDR tab on the left. by default, the HDR setting in madVR should already default to passthrough. but just in case, mirror everything you see in the attached image below for MadVR. that's it. now MadVR is setup. 


7. now you need to tell Emby to point to MPC so it'll route through MadVR. open up Emby Theater. go to Settings\External Player, and ADD. then copy what you see in the two picture attachments. if you use the default MPC-HC installation directory, your player path should be exactly the same as mine. make sure you check off "Video" and under Command line arguments, type in exactly "{path}" without the quotation marks. now save the setting. 


now everytime you playback a movie, Emby will bounce to MPC-HC. 


now here is the kicker, you're wondering why on earth when you click on your MCE remote's back button, it won't go back to Emby. took me a while to figure this one out. but here is how


1. close Emby. manually open up MPC-HC, go to View\options. under Player\Keys. look on the right hand side of the key mapping window. Find "EXIT" on the far left of the column. By default, it should be mapped to "Alt X". double click on where it says "Alt X" and hit that damn back button on your remote, it should send the back button command to MPC, which i found out that it's actually Browser Back Button. hit apply and ok. and close MPC. now everytime you hit back on your MCE remote, it bounces back to Emby. 


2. you can also map the fast forward remote button correctly by going into MPC's Options menu. inside the same key mapping window, find JUMP FORWARD (SMALL), then scroll all the way to the right, under the App Command column, click on the box and select MEDIA_FAST_FORWARD. now do the same with JUMP BACKWARD (SMALL), and map it to MEDIA_REWIND. you may notice that the default FF and RW speed is too slow. you can change that by changing the jump setting inside MPC under Tweaks. The default Jump Distance setting for small is set to 1000 ms, which is 1 second. you can change it to 2000 to make it 2 seconds. so now everytime you hold down FF or RW on your MCE remote, it'll FF 2 seconds and repeat until you're satisfied. 




Attached File  step3.JPG   44.31KB   81 downloads


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Attached File  step2.JPG   43.26KB   81 downloads



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Posted 04 January 2019 - 01:51 AM

since i don't have the previllage to post this under Guide section. someone can move this thread for me. 

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 05:28 PM

Great info, thanks ! I'll move it.

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Posted 12 January 2019 - 11:48 AM

Well done.

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