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Playback errors with Hauppauge tuner on Roku stick


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My setup:
Windows 10 pro Optiplex 990-mt with a i7-2600 3.4ghz processor and 8mb ram
Bitdefender total security 2019 (if it matters)
Hauppauge wintv-quad model 1609
WinTv 8.5
Roku streaming stick model 3800rw

Installed WinTv as per forums (as admin... etc) and have zero problems running that program in windows.
Installed the tuner in Emby and it located the tuners and installed with no problem.
Generally in the web browser all channels play well.
Installed the current Emby app (3.0128) in Roku.
The app will only play a channel 1 to 3 times before I get a playback error. After that it will not play until I restart the server.
Installed the Roku beta app & blue neon app and they do the same as above.

I am to the point where I have a fresh install of Emby with original setting, no plugins and just the quad tuner installed in livetv.
When I had a m3u tuner installed it had no problems and ran well.
I have noticed in the dashboard when connected to the Roku that it will show the channel and info when playing and when I click the back button on the remote it will show "seen 1 minute ago" and it will play another channel.
But... sometimes when I hit the back button on the remote it still shows the channel playing on the dashboard. When I go to another channel I get the error and the dashboard shows direct playing, but it does not show on the TV.
I have tried changing the video quality (from auto) in the Roku app to various settings but didn't help.
I have been struggling for a while to get this to work so any help would greatly be appreciated.


Attached are the logs, plus I sent logs in roku app @ 3:16 user: Randy


Thanks in advance :)

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The web browser is doing the same for the Hauppauge tuner. If I remove it and install a m3u tuner it will work good in the browser and the 3 Roku apps.

There appears to be a problem with the way Emby communicates with WinTv.


idk :wacko:


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I was able to get this to work by taking a different approach....


I uninstalled wintv 8.5 and drivers.

Then I downloaded wintv 8 and only installed the drivers.

Then I downloaded nextpvr which found the quad tuner then scanned for channels.

Got nextpvr setup and running good in windows.

Then added the nextpvr plugin in Emby and refreshed the guide.

This setup is running very well.


Hopefully this may help someone else for now until the next Emby server release.

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