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EBR closed the thread so I could not elaborate on it,


I suggested adding TV/Movie credits to the character bio, not just the ones in my library


for example Michael Keaton has been in several movies, maybe 50 or so...

I have 2 movies with him in it...Beetlejuice & Spiderman: Homecoming


Since I think he is a great actor I would like to buy other movies/TV shows with him in it

I think it would be nice if the Emby team added his list of movies and tv shows he has been in

to the bio...thats it.


later on in the post I mentioned that Emby team could eventually link the movies and tv shows in the character bio to the Emby library

and this is what EBR read and posted the following "We already show items in your library containing that actor."


he missed the whole point to my suggestion: add all movies & TV credits to the bio, not just the ones I have in my library

that might be my fault...maybe i didn't clearly say what I meant..


now if my request seems like its too much work for to little payoff, deny it....if its not worth your time, ignore it

I know that the list of movie/TV shows might be a hassle to keep updating so It might not be feasable

but it's only a suggestion.....


thanks for your consideration

Troy Bennett







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To me you would be spamming a provider site (TMDB) to update hundreds of thousand of actors credits.  At least in the web client you have links to IMDB and TMDB to see actor credits.


How would you display these credits?  This could be pages of information that could not be displayed in all clients.  Unless you are wanting full metadata for these items also, then spamming providers again for all the media information. 

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Hi.  I locked the other topic because this is a duplicate of another request.  However, the links I put in the other topic were erroneous.  Sorry about that.


The proper dup: All movie info for actors


And Happy is correct, the potential explosion of metadata is an issue with this.

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