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Actor's Bio: Add movie/tv credits to it


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Sometimes after viewing a movie/TV show, there is an actor/actress that I was impressed with and want to know what else they have been in

So like IMDB, and The Movie DB they have a list of credits of all their TV Show, Movie appearances...

I think Emby should also have this in the characters bio...


for example...I watch Spiderman: Homecoming the other day and realized I haven't seen Michael Keaton for a long time...since Beetlejuice,

or Multiplicity


so I went down to his bio picture and clicked it and it showed me information about him...where he was born, what city, a bit about him etc.


typical for most bios, but it doesn't list any of his movies or TV shows


I think it would be nice to see his other works in there as well and it wouldn't add a lot of hard drive space...i mean one nfo or xml file for credits...


later on maybe you could link up that list of movie/TV show credits with what is in your library as well...


I think the ability is there because it is listed in themoviedb.org API page

not sure how good it is...but at least it looks like it is there...



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