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Instability on F5-420


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I am using single disk config no raid or jbod. My cache disk is a SSD set for transcoding disk and storage of metadata. I migrated my system windows 10 with all metadata stored in file folders with media. That's an overview of my system now for the issue.

Everytime I restart the emby server i have to restart the whole NAS. It struggles to stay active requiring a restart every few days or it hangs. I will post my logs soon. I do not have sleep enabled but might turn off restarts to keep the system fresh if this is a reoccurring issue.

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Hi, what version of Emby Server? What plugins have you installed? And yes, a server log would be great, thanks.

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Server Version 3.5.3. plug ins cinema mode, cover art, IMVDB, Movie theme videos, open subtitles, Roku thumbnails, back up and restore, serverwmc, TV theme videos , trailers and trakts.


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