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Some Movies, but not all, not showing up


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Hi there - I'm new to Emby. Running server on MacMini with MacOS Mojave 10.14.2, using Safari to browse Emby on other Macs/ipads


I created 3 new libraries when I set it up the first time - Movies, TV  Shows and Downloads. I used Plex for years and had all of my media in those folders already.


Each of those folders/drives has numerous sub-folders. Movies has Action, Comedy, Christmas, Kids, Other and Temp as sub-folders. Each of them is full of movies in misc. formats - .avi,  .mp4, .mkv, etc. 


I added the libraries to Emby and everything seemed good, but then I went to watch a Western the other day and I can't find it in Emby. "Westerns" is a sub-folder of "Temp" since I hadn't filed it away and cleaned it up yet. 


At any rate, I cannot find any of the movies in the Westerns folder in Envy. They are on the disk, but not in Emby. 


I thought maybe it's because Westerns was a sub folder so I tried adding the folder "Westerns" to the "Movies" library, no change.


I then thought maybe the folder structure was too deep so I moved the folder Movies/Temp/Westerns to just /Movies/Westerns but still don't see it. When I go to the Emby home page and select Movies then view by Folders it shows Action, Comedy, Christmas, Kids and Other but no Temp.


I obviously tried re-scanning the whole library, just the Movies Library, etc, a bunch of times,. restarted the server, browsers, etc, same thing.


The last thing I tried was adding a completely new library called "Westerns" so now I have Movies, TV Shows, Downloads and Westerns, now I have 4 libraries. When I set up the new Library added /Movies/Westerns as the only folder and annoyingly it showed nothing. The library is created, but has nothing in it.


I must have angered the Envy gods because it does not want to playa. Western for me.


Can anyone offer any suggestions or guidance on what is going wrong here?


Thanks in advance,

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


I thought I explained it pretty clearly in my original message, sorry if it was not.


The folder I added originally was called Movies and was content type = Movies.


I noticed some of the movies in sub-folders in that Movies folder were not showing, so I then added the sub folder (..Movies/Temp/Westerns). It did not ask a type at that point because I had already created the Movies Library with type Movies.


Please have a look above for any more detail and let me know if anything else needed.


Thank you.

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Hi Luke,


It's Version


I'm sure it's not intentional, but it feels to me like we went back and forth asking questions that I think were already very clear in my original post and that is frustrating.


While you've been asking me questions I deleted the Movies library and re-created it and now everything is working as expected.


For anyone else looking for help with the same issue, I have no idea why Emby only got some of my movies the first time, but it seems that deleting and re-creating the Library fixed it.




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I apologize for this, but i didn't see a mention of 3.5.3 in the first post so that is why I asked.


I'm glad it's working for you now, but I'll also say that this has been significantly improved for the upcoming 3.6 release and shouldn't happen anymore. Thanks !

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