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I have installed the latest Theater and I am getting a couple of strange things happening.


Connect to the server once and then it seems to crash. I have to ctrl, alt del to shutdown the server and restart it. If I try to open up the server settings, I can one time and then I get can't connect to local host meassage.


Windows 10. Latest.


When I do open up Theater I have to manually connect to my server.


When I go into settings to select a theme it has a statement this feature requires an active Emby Premiere subscription. I don't have a subscription because I already have a Lifetime Emby Premiere plan.


Trying to play around with Theater as recommended by Luke because of issues with Emby for Windows Media Center.


Added logs and screenshot.


You will notice that the logs are picking up a Roberts DAB radio. It connects to my router. Not sure why it is showing in the logs or if there is any relevance to this issue!







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