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Emby App & m2ts file format.


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I have a Minix NEO U9-H media player hub for Android connected to a Panasonic TV.


I have installed Emby on the Minix device.


The Emby App is great.


My videos are in the m2ts format from a Sony Handycam.


The Exoplayer transcodes these m2ts files which the video becomes shaky and jerky when viewing.


I presume Exoplayer does not support direct play (of m2ts files) hence the need for transcode?




1) Can you recommend any tweaks I can try to improve the quality of the transcode?


2) Will Exoplayer support direct play of m2ts files in the future?


3) Is there an android media player that supports m2ts directly and doesn't transcode? 


Thanks in Advance





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Any update on m2ts file support..


Just got the 2019 nvidia shield.. Love the emby app, but deal breaker is transcoding of m2ts files...


If I use kodi emby, no transcoding..



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Hi.  Not yet.  Google currently has it marked as a low priority enhancement.  We haven't had a lot of folks with this requirement either.

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