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Emby Connect through pfSense Firewall


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Greetings to the Embysphere!


I am trying to get Emby Connect working through my pfSense firewall with no luck thus far. 


I keep getting the error "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again."


I've read the tutorials and it simply ends up with (paraphrase) "Forward a port through your firewall if you can't get this to work".  Having worked in the network security field, I'm not comfortable with simply forwarding a port from the internet through to my nVidia Shield.  So my questions are: 1) Has anyone else gotten Emby Connect to work through their pfSense firewall? (Plex actually works with no issues, but I frankly don't like Plex), and 2) What kinds of things typically prevent Emby Connect from working ?


Thanks in Advance!


edit: Added error message

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Hi.  There is no way to provide access to a device in  your local network from outside that network without forwarding a port through your router.  So, that will be required in order for this to work for you (with or without Emby Connect).


Please let us know if this answers your question.

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Hi Larry,


I might be able to help you. I can access my Emby server from outside of my home environment. I am also on Pfsense. 

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