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I set up my emby server recently and immediately ran into the "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now" error message. I googled around, made sure my firewall had these ports open. The real problem was what I feared most: my university has all of the incoming ports closed. I can stream between devices on the same network, but can't stream between different networks (e.g. Uni wifi and Uni LAN). They don't allow port forwarding im pretty sure, but what I am really confused about is that it worked when I tried connecting my server/pc to the internet through NordVPN. That was a few days ago, and I have since been unable to reconnect, but I am pretty sure the connection was from Lan to wifi, so cross-network streaming. 


Why did it work? Weren't the ports still closed within the university network even with the VPN? Did I hallucinate streaming those 3 episodes of 30 rock? If the VPN did allow to bypass my university restriction somehow, do I have to manually check all their servers to find the right one now (they dont support port forwarding I think)? Very new to servers and port forwarding in general, maybe I missed something. 



Thanks in advance!!



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