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Transcoding vobsub subtitles on Apple TV client


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According to the Apple TV Client wiki page, I should be able to play my x264 mp4 container file with external vobsub subtitle files to my Apple TV app without transcoding. I can direct play if I choose no subtitles. But, if I choose a subtitle, Emby starts transcoding because "Subtitle format not supported".


I originally observed this on beta, but can reproduce on - both on Debian Stretch. I've attached the transcode file. Can someone help me know what is wrong? I really want to avoid transcoding with my Apple TV.


Edit: included screenshot of the Media Info of the file in question.



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Hi @@NolesFan78, apologies, that wiki was not correct and I've removed it. We are using the native apple player which does not support vobsub, so that's why it is transcoding. 


We currently have in beta testing a new custom player which can direct play just about every subtitle format, so I think  you will like that once it is released. thanks !

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