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I just made a mistake and I need some help


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I wanted to have my EMBY server show up on a different address to the QNAP server.


I went into the server settings and put an address in to override.  That address did not show up, however I cannot access emby at the old address either!  No other new addresses have shown in DHCP so I am pretty sure I did not just type it wrong, something else is happening.


How can I reset this field to zero so the default address is restored?  I cannot see where the files are installed or anything else within the OS in the filemanager.  I think I'd have to find a way to access using a console to achieve this.



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Hi Luke,


Yes.  This morning I set the QNAP up to allow sftp and access the folders.  I found a file called system.xml in .qpkg/EmbyServer/programdata/config.  I edited that and removed the IP address and now it boots in again  :-)


Now if only I can figure out how to do the same with the password reset.  All of my clients work though, just the password in my safe does not match the one on the box :-(



BTW on a totally different tack  I followed the reset password.  Got the txt file in the server okay.  Ran the URL and this was the page.  Feels like it might be a work in progress and I was given a template rather than the final page.  Fed back incase it helps with some debugging or something.  It does not do anything either.



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