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Emby installation and ffmpeg on android client


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I'm currently considering if I want to move all of the data out of the house into the cloud. Also because when I'm not at home and still want to watch a movie or serie why send it over the internet connection to the house. I don't have fiber to the home only a 4G connection with 16/25Mbit up. Also because of the 4G I don't have a public IP adres to connect to so I have a VPS on the internet, from my home I have a VPN connection setup to that VPS and connections from the internet to the servers at home are send through the VPN tunnel. And over that connection I have to stream the movie to my laptop when I'm in a hotel. It works but why not on the internet. 

The main reason to NOT do it wat the price of datastorage, but I currently have a remote internet disk with 2TB of space for 95 euro's a year. So that is not a reason to NOT do it.


Ok now the situation, when I connect my android media box with the Emby TV plugin to the current local Emby server everything works wel, my mp4 movie is send to the device so no issue.

Do I do the same with my test server on the internet, that one is triggering ffmpeg to transcode the movie. The only difference is that I have a Nginx proxy server for the internet Emby server. But thought the web-client ffmpeg is not triggerd. 

Why is ffmpeg transcoding the movie from the one Emby server and the other Emby server is just streaming the mp4 file without transcoding. 




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