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Collections - Playback Error - No compatible streams


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I'm new to emby so it's likely I have something configured wrong or misunderstood requirements. But I have this error when attempting to play/shuffle a TV Collection. 

Playback Error
No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details.



Each individual show can be played, as well as shuffling within the series. It's only the collection I'm having issues with. The error occurs on android, android tv (local) and the web client.


My set-up
I'm running emby docker (emby/embyserver:latest) on ubuntu 16.04.5 with an SSL nginx reverse proxy (linuxserver/letsencrypt). With this set up, my public https port number 443, emby is accessible at https://emby.domain.com. I've enabled "Secure connection mode: Handled by reverse proxy" in server settings > advanced as well as the "external url: emby.domain.com". I have no ports exposed directly to emby. 


The collection name is "Shuffle" - log attached - I see a lot of plain http requests to http://emby.domain.com:8096. BTW if there's an easier way to shuffle a group of shows (using android and android tv clients) I'd be happy to try an alternative. As far as I can tell, all other features appear to be working as intended. Any help or ideas appreciated.


thanks - looking forward to becoming a lifetime member if I can get this issue resolved and do some more testing.


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