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Allow custom groupings of libraries

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I would like the ability to group multiple libraries together so they appear as a single library from the main screen, but allowing me to dive down into the different libraries.


For example, I have 3 music libraries - mine, my wife's, and kids music for the kids. I don't want all 3 visible from the main screen, but I would like a single entry called 'Family Music' or 'Music' that allows me to drill down into the different libraries.


It would be helpful for seasonal libraries, like my Christmas and Halloween libraries.

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There are some use cases where that doesn't work as well. Seasonal movies are an example - I would love a 'folder' of seasonal libraries - and subfolders under that for Christmas and Halloween, each with it's respective movie and music libraries. That way the content is accessible without a) showing up when I browse my main libraries and B) not cluttering up my list of libraries in the main screen.

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Sounds like you want the Folder View option.


In the setting if found in Dashboard-Library-Display.


There is a redesign in 3.6 as this becomes a per library tab option.  Which could require some library folder reconfiguring.


One library entry point with two folders



Once you enter Movies library Folder view reflect 2 folder



The Movies tab shows the grouped content type listing.

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