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With emby is no longer open source?


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- I can still run Emby without internet access if I want (of course some functions like scanning for metadata etc. will not work)

- My premium "lifetime" license will continue to be valid.

Your server will still have to validate it's premiere key, but I don't know the exact duration of the validation cache.

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Thank you for your input. Much appreciated.

This is ok for me. I actually do not use the Emby Server without internet access. It is just important to me that basic functionality works without internet and that there is no "artificial" need for an internet connection.

The validation of the premiere Key is a legitimate reason for an internet connection, but I can still (if for any reason needed) use basic functionality without an internet connection. (As opposed to the "evil orange media center")


BTW: For me open source is a great philosophy - but it is also possible to close the source code and still stay fair, user-driven and transparent. This is what I am hoping for here :)



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