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Variable frame rate video not playing properly


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Since switching to an LG OLED a few months back, I'm no longer able to properly play back my VFR mkv files. This fails to work through both my Chromecast Ultra and directly through the LG app. The video and audio are immediately out of sync, which would seem to indicate the timestamp info for VFR are not being read properly.


This worked very well with my Chromecast Ultra connected to a Panasonic plasma (from 2009). Seems unlikely that the plasma could handle this properly while the 2017 LG OLED fails, but stranger things have happened.


Is there any chance there is something on the Emby side of the equation that is fouling things up? Or, does anyone know of any settings to change with the TV (I think I've looked at everything)?


Thanks for any help.

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The problem might be that the profile just doesn't like the combination of codecs/containers I'm using. But this shouldn't have changed for the Chromecast Ultra, right?


The files I've been testing are mkv files (with timestamps file added) with HEVC and OPUS. I can see in the dlna profile (does this tend to be the same as app profile?) for LG that it only accepts mkv with x264 and aac/ac3/eac3/mp3. I could swear it had said it was direct playing, though. Of course, as soon as any demuxing/muxing occur, the timestamps file is lost.


I'll test my theory out later when I get home.

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