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Emby Bookshelf and 2018


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Ok, so I realize there have been posts regarding this portion of MB/Emby and the bookshelf. My question is slightly different from what others have questioned. I understand that there are many different facets of Emby and the priorities will be ordered first towards the server ; then the other packages - but some of these plugins have had no love whatsoever added to them; bookshelf being one of them. 

In my honest opinion, adding the ability to open said file(s) regardless of client, based on default reader for the os would introduce this as an actual functional and useful tool, especially through standard web browsers (most having integrated readers already). To 'download' a copy is sort of 'meh' in my books, while it may allow the download of the file to a device, and then manually opening it - it should just open it on the fly. (I mean, that is the reason for the download anyway right?)

I would think to create a set of open commands and publish it to a button 'should' be extremely simplistic, since standard html allows for this at the most basic levels and most browsers support the same universal html type commands. Granted this would probably not be coded to html - but the methodology could be pretty much identical correct?

Going as far back as 2013, I would have thought something like this would have already been incorporated into it's design, at least by now.

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