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Emby 3.5.3 on NAS not releasing memory


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No different in my NAS (I still did not install the video TV plugin for emby).

All the rest is the same (probably some DSM synology update).

Emby Server had big update. 

Not sure but probably on january it was version 3.X, Now is 4.

I recognize some differences in the transcoding option page.


I'll continue to monitor.

Any linux command to clean /dev/md0 (if necessary)?

Any suggestion is welcome



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Last update.

After more then 1 month of monitoring everything looks ok.

I've installed all the emby plugins I had before.

With the updated version of Emby for synology (now version it works ok.


/dev/md0 starts from 990M (45%), and grows till 1002M (46%) (in about a week)

Then (without restarting the NAS nor emby server) it moved down to 990M


So I consider that problem I had is over.

Thanks to all for the support.

Thanks @3djc & @Luke 

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If you think there's still an issue, please give this a try:

We've not seen any complaints or mentions of memory. Thanks.

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