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Questions regarding latest update


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MBC Version
Server Version 3.0.5211.41935

Wow...lot's of changes. This is a major overhaul of the interface.
Please respond as to whether indicated items are working as designed or bugs. Thanks.

-- Top-level general
* Backdrops at this level no longer auto-rotate (feature or bug?)
* Backdrops not available for all views (feature or bug?)

-- Top-level EHS disabled
* Sort does not appear to work (bug?)
* Thumb view is only view that displays backdrops-random backdrop from General\{MediaCollectionName} folder. (feature or bug?)

-- Top-level EHS enabled
What is the meaning of the 1-5 dots at top of media list?
Changing the collection image to the selectable media image on mouse over seems redundant as the two images are the same

-- Media Folder View behaves inconsistently
* No backdrops for coverflow or detail views (feature or bug?)
* Different backdrops are displayed for views that support backdrop (feature or bug?)
  a. Thumb & Thumb strip views show a backdrop for the in-focus media
  b. Poster view shows a backdrop for the media folder

-- Backdrops general
No longer an option to stretch backdrops so, images jump when switching if not the same size.
Option to change opacity would be nice-especially for top-level.

-- Detail view
Option to hide General, Actors & Chapters data panel would be nice (e.g., arrow up displays, arrow down hides)


-- Weather

Plans to re-implement?

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None of those are changes. I think what happened to you is that Chocolate did not install correctly.  Re-install the chocolate theme from the plug-ins tab, then restart and select it as your theme and you should be right back where you were.

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