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Emby Windows Store App will not sync movies or TV shows


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I am trying to sync movies and TV shows to my Windows 10 laptop using the Download feature in the Emby Windows 10 App.  I tried this before the Sept. 20 software release and it was working fine, but now no matter what I try, the downloads are stuck on Ready to Transfer.  I've tried running the Cloud Folder Sync task, I've tried re-installing the Windows Store app, I've even tried restarting my Emby server from scratch(Uninstalling, re-installing and re-configuring).


I've tried downloading original, as well as encoding the download(The encoding process completes, but then sticks again on Ready to Transfer).  I am on my home wifi network, so a metered connection issue shouldn't be occurring.


Is there any way to force the download to occur immediately?  Is there any known issues that can cause this?


My IOS device downloads items properly, this issue only seems to be with Windows Store app.


I'm attaching my server log just in case, but I don't see anything in there that is helpful.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I've attached a screenshot of the issue.  The movie is always sitting on Ready to Transfer, no matter what I do.  I've tried movies, recorded TV shows and neither will work.  The log is attached.  Sorry, I thought I attached it before but it didn't work.  You will see from the log that I even re-installed the server and re-created all of my libraries, but it still will not download files to the Windows app.

Playback is fine, I just cannot download.



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One more piece of information  This is happening on 2 separate Windows 10 laptops.  But it syncs perfectly to 2 separate iphones.

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