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Log of breaking changes


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Do we have a log over breaking changes for each release (dev and prod)? If not, we should. Either in a release log connected to the release in some way or a new post in this forum at the same time as the server update is published. It requires a little bit of extra administration, but the win for the app and plugin developers are bigger in my opinion.

I just experienced this scenario:

My emby application that communicates with the rest api all of a sudden started to thow exceptions.

After some searching I see that the serialization of the json responses to the automatically generated entity classes, based on the json response, was broken. This means that something has changed in the json response that I receive from the server, and this time in the usersession response object.

After regenerating the usersession entity class, everything works again.

I rather read about all breaking changes for a release instead of testing all features in my application and see if anything breaks.


Again, I know you have a lot to do, so it is undestandable if you don't want to add more things to the admin part of a release.


Keep up the good work!






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Thanks for the ultra fast response! :-)


Edit: Something must have changed in todays release. 

I'm sure your linked thread will be updated shortly.



Seems to be a breaking change in in the usersession json response.

UserId is now a string instead of a long


I've added an entry in your linked thread.

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