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Library Name Change Causes Full Rescan, Discards Existing Data?


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On both a Mac OS and a Linux server I have observed the following behavior a couple of times. Both are running v of the Server.


In Server Settings, chose Library, Rename.  Renamed from "TV" to "1. TV" and from "Movies" to "2. Movies".  Only renamed the library and did not change or rename the underlying folders. Did not change any other settings.


In each case this triggered a full rescan of the library, and discarded all shows/episodes/movies that had previously existed (the client displays no contents). Seems an unnecessary waste of resources when only changing the label for the library display. 


Cannot tell if it is doing a full metadata rebuild - the shows reappear pretty slowly, but they seem to be fully populated with metadata when they do reappear (summaries, images, actors, etc. all present).


Just FYI, in case this is a bug.

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Hi, yes currently this is true. It's something we can look at improving in a future update. thanks.

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