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Mycroft Emby Skill


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Not sure if this is considered a tool per say. But I've written a skill for Mycroft (open source voice assistant) that allows a person to play music from your Emby Server.


For example, after this skill is installed you can say 'Hey Mycroft, Play Thrice from Emby'.


Its in its infancy now and only plays instant mixes based on the artist/album/song requested.

Currently its in review by the Mycroft Skills team and requires additional vetting before it can be submitted.


If anyone has a Mycroft device (you can also install on a linux desktop) please take a look and provide feedback: https://community.mycroft.ai/t/testing-and-feedback-for-emby-skill/4672


In addition feedback is also welcome via this post and github directly in the form of issues or feature requests.



Installing and configuring the skill:

  • Connect to your Emby server

    • The Host, port, username and password must be input at Mycroft.ai in the skills configuration section. Unless you’ve configured your Emby server to be available over the internet the Mycroft device and the Emby Server should be on the same network
    • Note: If you do not use a password to access Emby, leave the password field blank. Authentication of skill does not use Emby Connect.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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Thank you for working on this! I'm looking forward to getting a mycroft Mark one day.


Skill has been published and is available to any Mycroft Users! Please give it a go and let me know what you think.

Still needs many features, but the mvp of playing on instant mix via mycroft is working :)



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